App for the milk – 2010 development update

Dear Aftm Users

I have not gotten any new updates out in the last 2 months, which I am sorry for but my live has been terribly busy. Finishing university, other jobs, new apartment, broken macbook etc… I have not quit working on aftm, so do not delete it just yet. I am currenty reworking my entire website, which will finally include a decent support forum. Once this is complete I will resume working on aftm and finally push out the long promised smart list feature. So I wish everybody a happy new year and bear with me for another month so I can get everything ready.



  1. “I will resume working on aftm” Yeah !!!

    I use it every day and really love it.
    Thx for your work.

  2. waiting anxiously for it.

  3. Hi Christoph,

    Best of luck with the busy life. I for one find aftm wonderful as is. So while I look forward (very much!) to improvements take your time!

  4. It looks very promising amongst a lot of tools we tried.

    What i really miss is the option to share tasks through your aftm client. That would be awesome to have implemented.

    Can you communicate a status about new updates/features anywhere soon? Would be lovely.