App for the milk ? version 0360 released

Finally a new version!

New in this version:

  • Autosyncing

This can be set in the syncing tab in the application settings. You can specify a custom interval in minutes. Do not use a value below 10 minutes. It will put unnecessary strain on the Remember the milk servers.


get version 0360


If you encounter any problems please use the new forums.

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  1. keep up the good work, thanks a million

  2. Hrm, I’m having no luck.

    The .zip file decompresses to a .zip.cpgz file with same name, which in turn decompresses to the original file….

    And the link the the forum gives a 404 error.

  3. I think I now fixed the download problem – I just moved to a new server and the configuration was not correct.

  4. Hello, I find your application great! but I cannot see nor input any Polisch letters (ążśźćłóńę) and some keyboard shortcuts seem to map over basic shorcuts for those letters (you get them with Right-Alt + one of “azsxclone”).

    BTW support forum doesn’t seem to work :(

    Thanks for a great work :)


  5. Its a Problem of Adobe AIR that I could not get foreign characters embedded into the application – the problem also exists for russian and japanese but I have not found a solution to this problem yet – as for the forum, I deleted it since nobody was using it. The keyboard shortcuts are mapped to the regular letters and should be working?

  6. Hello, it’s me again :)

    Maybe this will help in any way:


  7. Hi thanks – App for the milk is written in flash or rather in pure actionscript 3, even the UI is generated dynamically. I tried Unicode ranges it worked for some characters but not for all. Sry