Adobe AIR Applications


This page is dedicated to hosting and supporting my Adobe AIR applications. It often amazes me how far the technology has progressed when thinking back to the day I got my first copy of Flash 5. AIR is a really interesting platform and I enjoy playing around with it. The results of these experiments are free for your downloading enjoyment.


My Apps are free and these are projects I develop in my spare time so please understand that I can not provide you with enterprise level support. But you are not completely on your own, one of these options should get you up and running:

App for the milk

App for the milk is a desktop client for the remember the milk webservice that lets you quickly manage your tasks from your desktop even when you are offline and sync the next time you are connected to the internet.


A small webcam surveillance app that detects motion and records images. The first Air app I ever did, just to see what it is like.