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how it works:

this program turns your computers webcam into a surveillance cam, by taking a picture from the webcam and saving it to your computer. there are two modes of operation. the first mode simply takes a picture in a user defined interval. With the second mode the application waits until the camera detects motion and starts recording for a user defined amount of time. This is the first release of this program so there might still be a few bugs.

current features

  • motion detection – record on motion detection
  • records jpg images 640 * 480
  • stores images in designated folder by month and date
  • can run in the background

Note: this program records only jpg images and not video. this is intentional since the pictures require way less disk space to store and system resources to record.


about this programm

I created this application in order to set up a light weight surveillance solution for my flat. current videosolutions are to pricey and require to much system resources. I