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App for the milk – version 0257 – bugfix

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

This version fixes a bug where the app reset due times on each sync.

App for the milk – version 0256 released

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

This version introduces yet another icon. Rtm asked me to change the current icon to something else since the direct usage of their logo is not permitted by their Remember The Milk API Terms of Use. I want to point out that they asked really nicely and gave me plenty of time to make the changes, which is not always the case when companies see their rights violated. I therefore gladly comply with their request.

the icon again, again

I am kind of back to the blue square for now but it has it least gotten some cow textures. That was the only thing I could come up with right now. I will work on it.

App for the milk – version 0255 – bugfix

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

This version only fixes a few bugs. Mainly that the version 0250 created a debugging file on the desktop. It also introduces better bugfixes for search and it now displays due times.

download: version 02550

App for the milk – version 0250 released

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

this version introduces many changes and improvements. I am finally moving towards completing all features I want to have built in before the app goes into beta stage. The only big thing that is still missing is the detail view for tasks that lets users edit all properties like Urls and tags.

download: version 0250

Credit where credit is due!

I want to thank Mike for is great work on the UI and I want to thank Justin for for his patience in debugging the “stuck at loading tasks bug”. I really appreciate the help and the additional thoughts that improve the app.

Proof reading and typos

English is only my second language and I really really hate spelling in general which manifests itself in the docs and the changelog. So if you have time to look them over, or just found a mistake please let me know. At some point I want everything to be correct, just now the coding is way more interesting than writing the docs.

Version 0250

new UI
this version includes a major change in the UI. Credits for this go to Mike who came up with most of it. its more mac like now and looks a lot nicer in general I think.

selection of tasks
I got rid of the edit mode which was kind of useless. you can now select tasks right away and move / postpone / delete them right from the main UI.

postponing tasks
along with the new UI came a button for postponing tasks. it behaves just like the rtm website. I plan on giving more options in the future, like for 1 hour, 1 day and 1 week.

displaying tasks from just one list
the button on the very left is the view button. it lets you select the two standard views + just viewing the tasks from a single list.

the icon, again
the icon is new again, and I think this time its quite okay. the first one was admittedly crap.

the icon badge
its now the standard red mac badge. due to less space I removed the sepearte number for overdue tasks and replaced it with an exclamation mark. so if there are over due tasks there is an exlamation mark after the digit.

application size and position
the app now remebers its size and position. so if you aranged it nicely it will come up just the same way next time you launch it. note: this is not yet tested on multi screen setups! let me know!

the “stuck at loading tasks bug” is currently under review from the rtm server team since I could pin point the problem to be a bad response from the rtm server. Thanks a lot Justin!!! see docs for further details.

next version

I will work on finishing the new UI and then implement the detail view for editing tasks.

adding Mac OS X like Application Behaviour to your Air Application

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

In Mac OS X when you close the window of an application the app usually keeps running in the dock. Wheter this is a good thing or not is totally different story, but for apps like mail and ical it certainly is since I want my mail app to keep checking for new mail without the window cluttering up my screen. So what if I want to add such behaviour to an Adobe Air Application.

 	var appIsPersistant:Boolean=false
 	var app=NativeApplication.nativeApplication
 	var window=stage.nativeWindow;

public function set appPersistant(b:Boolean):void{ // adding a simple property to your app b:Boolean whether its stays on or not
 			app.autoExit=false // preventing the app to exit if all windwows are closed
 			window.addEventListener(Event.CLOSING,hideWindow) // listening for the closing event of the main window
 			app.addEventListener(InvokeEvent.INVOKE,initWindow) // listening for the invoke event if the user clicks on the dock icon
 			app.addEventListener(Event.EXITING,appClose) // listening if the app should be terminated, to prevent the hiding of the window and allow termination
 		app.autoExit=true // if app is not persistant the app can close just as usual
 public function appClose(e:Event):void{
 	window.removeEventListener(Event.CLOSING,hideWindow) // if the app should terminate with command + Q we have to remove the listener for the Closing event. Otherwise only the window will close but the app will not terminate
 public function hideWindow(e:Event):void{
 	if(window.visible){ // if the window is visible the event behaviour is canceld and the window is hidden
 function initWindow(e:Event=null):void{
 	window.activate() // if the user clicks on the dock icon the window commes back up
 public function get appPersistant():Boolean{
 	return appIsPersistant // just the getter for the appPersistant propery

by adding these few methods your app will exit just fine with command + Q but if you click the close button only the window will close and the app keeps running and comes back up if you click the dock icon