Services I offer

Service Availability
Website Design I create Photoshop layouts for a small to medium websites. yes
Logo Design I can do it but I know people who are better at it. partnership with:
Website Coding Turning any Image layout into valid standards compliant html and css. I will charge extra for support of legacy browsers like IE 6. yes
Content Management System A CMS is a vital part for every website. I prefer WordPress as a CMS. I do not work with Typo3 or Drupal. The site you are looking at is powerd by WordPress. yes
Social Media integration Everybody is on Facebook and Twitter, whether this a good thing is to be seen. Fact is that a website can benefit greatly when using these tools properly. yes
WordPress Themes Complete theme development – Ready to use with any WordPress installation. yes
WordPress Plugins Often a website needs to have special features like a special image gallery or twitter API intgration. This can be done with a wordpress plugin. yes
Flash Development Actionscript 3 development is one of my favorite things to do. All my Adobe Air Apps are written entirely with Actionscript 3. yes
Flash Animations I know how to use flash for animation and I can create small animations but really am not an Animator. I prefer the coding side of it. limited
Serverside Backend Development I know my way arround PHP and MySQL but I do not develop large scale web applications. limited
Webhosting I have a company I host all my web sites with. I do not offer web hosting myself but I can get you set up at the provider of your choice. limited
Everything else Just contact me and tell me what you need. If I cannot do it myself I have partners who can. limited